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Living and being a part of a community is very important to us, and we regularly support charity and educational events in Centreville, and in our area. Having an upcoming event? Reach out to us, and we will see how we can help!

Doc's Riverside Grille

Doc's RIVERSIDE Grille


Doc's Downtown Grille

14 N. Washington St.
Easton, MD 21601

Doc's sunset Grille

104 W. Pier St.

Oxford, MD 21654

It all started at Doc's RIverside Grille in Centreville, over a decade ago... Bo and Dianne had been in the restaurant world for many, many years, but they wanted to slow down, raise their kids, and enjoy life more. They also wanted to create a place that offered great food, a place for family and friends, to catch the game, listen to music, and enjoy life. Named affectionately after Bo's father, Doc Oristian, Doc's Riverside Grille in Centreville became that dream. A casual place to gather with friends, to eat and enjoy life.

It then became obvious they were on to something, and as the situation presented itself, they opened Doc's Downtown Grille in Easton. And then... a few years ago, this amazing place in Oxford became available. They had a vision, and that is what Doc's Sunset Grille has become.

Join them at all three of their Eastern Shore restaurants. You'll find they're very similar, but they're also completely different. The most important part is that you feel welcome, enjoy yourself, time with friends and family, and eat delicious food. See you soon at Doc's!